Special design of cosmetic bottle packaging

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The packaging of cosmetics is gorgeous and individual. Especially perfume bottle caps.
Nowadays, the cosmetic bottle packaging on the mall looks colorful and dazzling, with all kinds of styles all-encompassing. However, if we are to calm down and pay attention to a certain cosmetic bottle of each business, it seems that all manufacturers have similar packaging styles, and there is no outstanding feature that is particularly prominent.
Yes, nowadays, the outer packaging of cosmetic bottles is rich in color and rich in raw materials, but in fact the bottle types are copying and imitating each other.

If we can jump out of the existing cosmetic bottle packaging planning ideas, and constitute a break in the shape of the cosmetic bottle, it will definitely have an impact on consumers. Of course, this kind of change must be dangerous.

Recently, the author saw a series of cosmetic bottles in a shopping mall, and all selected the shape of the fruit as a reflection, imitating the posture of the fruit in the same plan. Such a cosmetic bottle will be very attractive for the first time. And this kind of bottle-shaped appearance is clever, consumers can also use cosmetic bottles as decorations or put some small change and other uses, which is a very good breakthrough.
Two ways to improve the low recovery rate of shampoo bottles
Shampoo is our usual daily necessities, and every one of us and every family will use it. The usual shampoo bottles are based on PE raw materials. At that time, the recycling rate of PET raw plastic bottles was very high, but the recycling rate of PE shampoo bottles was very low. Many PE shampoo bottles were abandoned in the homes of ordinary consumers.
There were a lot of questions about PE shampoo bottles being discarded at that time. We think it can be improved in two ways.
The first is that there are shampoo bottles of various specifications and capacities in the market today, small capacity 200-400ML, large capacity 700-2L. If ordinary households use large-capacity shampoo bottled shampoo, it will extend the use cycle of a single bottle of shampoo. This can reduce the amount of shampoo bottle used, and then reduce the shampoo bottle discard rate.
The second is the fact that at that time, the shampoos that were popular in the market were mainly several brands. If the repetition rate of the shampoo bottle can be improved, it is very difficult and important. In other words, the shampoo bottle can be reused, and consumers directly take the old shampoo bottle to a special machine set up in the mall to fill the shampoo. In this way, the utilization rate of shampoo bottles can be saved, and at the same time, consumers can also save the repeated purchase of shampoo bottles.
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